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Annie Vernon’s name is synonymous with excellence and leadership, stands as a beacon of inspiration for individuals and organisations seeking unparalleled insights into coaching, leadership, and personal development. As a distinguished Olympic athlete, accomplished author, and seasoned speaker, Annie brings a wealth of experience that transcends the sporting arena, making her a sought-after keynote speaker and business trainer.

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My Story

Annie’s journey in the world of sports is a testament to dedication, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence. A former British rower, Annie achieved the pinnacle of success by representing her country at two consecutive Olympic Games, clinching a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Her commitment to her craft and relentless pursuit of greatness have made her a revered figure in the global sporting community.


Beyond her athletic achievements, Annie's experiences on the water have cultivated a profound understanding of leadership and teamwork. Her Olympic journey, filled with triumphs and challenges, serves as a powerful narrative that resonates with audiences seeking to foster a culture of resilience, collaboration, and unwavering determination within their organisations.


Annie's insights extend beyond the physical demands of rowing. As an accomplished author, her critically acclaimed book, "Mind Games: Determination, Doubt, and Lucky Socks - An Insider's Guide to the Psychology of Elite Athletes," delves into the psychological aspects of high-performance sports. This expertise uniquely positions Annie as a speaker who can unravel the intricacies of mental fortitude, focus, and resilience, providing invaluable lessons for leadership and personal development.


Annie Vernon's dynamic and engaging speaking style captivates audiences, whether in a packed auditorium or an intimate corporate setting. Her keynotes are a blend of riveting storytelling, strategic insights, and actionable takeaways. Annie's ability to draw parallels between her Olympic journey and the challenges faced by businesses and leaders creates a powerful narrative that resonates with a diverse range of audiences.


As a business trainer, Annie brings a personalised touch to leadership development. Her workshops are crafted to empower individuals and teams with practical tools to navigate challenges, foster resilience, and achieve peak performance. Drawing on her experiences as a high-performance athlete, Annie guides participants through tailored exercises and discussions that bridge the gap between sporting excellence and professional success.


Favourite quote:

"If you lost, it doesn’t mean you did everything wrong and if you win, it doesn’t mean you did everything right." - Annie Vernon 

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