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Behavioural agility for impactful leadership

Psychometric behavioural assessments, are powerful tools that can enhance your recruitment and people development initiatives. These assessments delve into strengths, motivations and communication styles, offering a comprehensive understanding.


The assessments we use are characterised by simplicity and robustness. In leadership development, they serve as invaluable starting points, pinpointing strengths and areas for growth. Providing an additional leadership tool to effectively motivate, manage and inspire others.

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Welcome to the Kinetic Development programme

It's great that you have agreed to join the Kinetic programme and we are looking forward to working with you over the next 6 months to boost your management skills and leadership strengths.


The programme consists of psychometric assessments, training on essential self-awareness, mentoring and management skills and runs on a 4 week cycle.


In week 1 you are invited to learn more about the skill in question.

In week 2 you will be supported by your Kinetic coach to discuss how you can begin using this sill.

Week 3 is all about practice. Finding opportunities to try things out and embed the new skill.

And week 4 is all about self-reflection and submitting evidence to show your use of the skill.


Each week will also set you some additional homework. This will consist of reading, listening or watching educational resources to help you deepen your knowledge and confidence.


We appreciate you have a full-time job and a busy life outside of work, and will let you do as much or as little of your own personal development as you like.


Over the course of the 6 months, we will invite you to two online training sessions as a group. Topics may include time management, managing change with a growth mindset or coaching skills for new managers. We also have a number of fantastic workshops for you to choose from as a group and more information on these will be shared in the coming weeks.


For now, thank you for completing your PPA, and the intake questionnaire and for gathering your 360 feedback. Your Kinetic coach is looking forward to discussing these with you and will be in contact to arrange a convent time.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask and please look out for the Kinetic emails.





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