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Leadership Strengths

Our 12-month New Manager Program, a transformative journey designed to cultivate essential skills and a mindset of success for aspiring and current managers. This comprehensive program seamlessly integrates in-person and remote workshops, with engaging webinars, offering a dynamic learning experience tailored to the demands of the modern workplace. Our curriculum goes beyond theoretical knowledge, incorporating valuable psychometric assessments to provide personalised insights. Monthly coaching sessions with seasoned professionals ensure continuous development and targeted guidance, empowering new managers to navigate challenges effectively and drive success in their leadership roles. Elevate the managerial capabilities within your organisation with a program that blends practical skills, strategic thinking and ongoing support for a truly impactful career trajectory.


Exceptional Quality

Engaged Team Members

Science based techniques

Behavioural agility

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Mindsets of Success

Goal achievement

Empowered rising stars

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Embark on a transformative leadership journey with our pioneering executive training and coaching consultancy, where we draw inspiration from the dynamics of high-performance sports to craft unparalleled leadership training programs for your organisation. Brace yourself for a distinctive experience that will challenge your conventional thinking and encourage profound reflection on your behaviour and leadership approach.


Tailored specifically for leaders within the same business, our program is strategically designed to elevate your team into a high-performing leadership unit, indispensable for the success of your organisation. This innovative training initiative goes beyond the ordinary, focusing on accelerating relationships among team members in a way that is unparalleled in the training landscape. Participants will not only grasp the essence of being a high-performing team but also unlock their potential as a formidable and cohesive unit.


Our course invites managers to step out of the routine, providing them with a dedicated space to contemplate their leadership journey—both self-leadership and guiding others. Expect to be pushed physically, mentally, and emotionally, challenging your leadership style and assumptions. Immerse yourself in contemporary leadership thinking and take the time needed to enhance your results and impact within the organization.


Throughout the program, receive direct and invaluable feedback from both your peers and our expert training team, gaining insights into your behaviour and leadership efficacy. Experience a program that transcends the traditional, where sports-inspired leadership training becomes a catalyst for unprecedented growth and success in your leadership journey and organisational performance.


Elevate Your Team 


Personalised Insights

Our New Manager Program begins with in-depth behavioural assessments to provide deep insights into individual strengths, communication styles and leadership tendencies. This foundational understanding forms the basis for personalised development plans serve as a roadmap for growth and informs every aspect of the program.


Professional Development 

Enhance your organisation's leadership development for new managers through tailored coaching sessions led by seasoned professionals. Our coaches closely collaborate with emerging leaders, addressing unique challenges, fortifying leadership capabilities and offering continuous support. These confidential one-on-one sessions provide a space for reflection, goal setting and skill refinement, ensuring each participant receives personalised guidance to unlock their full managerial potential.


Interactive Workshops

Engaging workshops that foster hands-on skill development. From communication strategies to conflict resolution and strategic decision-making, our workshops are designed to bridge the gap between theory and real-world application. Facilitated by experts, these interactive sessions create a dynamic learning environment, allowing your new managers to refine their skills and gain practical insights that are immediately applicable in their managerial roles.


Flexible learning

Acknowledging the challenges of the contemporary workplace with our program seamlessly incorporates self-paced learning resources. Delivering a wealth of online materials, including articles, case studies and resources, providing participants the flexibility to learn at their own pace. This adaptability allows new managers to harmonise their professional responsibilities while actively engaging in their developmental, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth within your organisation.

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Know your team

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Confidence in practice

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Managing change with a growth mindset

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Managing stress and thriving under pressure

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Assertiveness in Action

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time management for productivity

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