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empowering high performers to achieve more

Understanding behavioural styles will give you an advantage in achieving your goals.

The skills required to succeed in modern workplaces include the ability to collaborate positively with colleagues and clients across the globe, display resilience in the face of failure, and support and direct the work of junior colleagues.


Communication skills and people skills are vital!


For just £118 you can discover your strengths and behaviours and how these impact your colleagues and clients.

Taking 8 minutes to complete, you will receive your PPA profile, a personalised report and a feedback session via Zoom or MS Teams with an accredited Kinetic PD practitioner.

The market leading 
behaviours at work Assessment

Using four main profile factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance, the Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) provides information on your behaviours, fears, motivators, and values.


Accurate results, 
powerful insights

The Thomas International Behaviours assessment, the PPA, provides accurate insights into the way you operate at work. Providing valuable insights to improve your personal effectiveness, teamwork and leadership skills.


The next steps...

To request your assessment invite link and payment details send your name and email address via the form. Once your payment has been received and you have completed your assessment, a member of the Kinetic PD team will process your report and get in touch to organise your feedback session.

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