Improve your self-awareness and leadership skills with an online behaviours assessment and feedback session.

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Some of the challenges faced by new business owners include,

  • finding ways to not feel overwhelmed.

  • Understanding your mindset

  • Not letting your emotions get the best of you.

  • Turning up and being present even when you are not feeling your best.

  • Understanding your clients and suppliers and finding effective ways to negotiate great prices and fees.

  • Knowing if you don't do it, it won't get done.

  • Maintaining faith in yourself when things don't go to plan.

  • Finding time to plan!

I am sure there are many more which are unique to your business and circumstance.

At Kinetic PD we have been in your shoes and that's why we want to give back.

8 minute assessment

In just 8 minutes via a simple and robust online behavioural assessment, you will receive personalised insights to boost your self-awareness and leadership abilities.

Detailed Profile

Upon completion, we will generate your personalised report detailing your strengths, your communication style and what motivates you.

Feedback Session

A 30-minute feedback call to help you interpret your results and understand them in the context of your role. Improving your interactions with clients, suppliers and team members.

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