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We take our time to understand what is important to you and your team. Appreciating the challenges and opportunities faced in your teams enables us to design and build exceptional online and in-person team building, training and coaching programmes. 

With deep dives into self-awareness, leadership, teamwork and personal skills, supported by psychometrics and purposeful practice, we empower our clients with practical tools and strategies to increase their performance at work. 


With a design and delivery team of world-class athletes and business trainers we create environments to enable your colleagues develop and be their authentic selves. Resulting in increased psychological safety, growth mindsets and peak performance in the individuals and teams we support.

Stress management is a skill
3 August 2023

Stress and pressure are not the same. The right amount of pressure can help us perform at consistently high levels. Stress on the other hand is never ever optimistic! But can we reframe our relationship with stress? To us at Kinetic stress management is a skill like any other. It can be learned and developed, and it takes training and practice.


Managers and above in corporate organisations experience unprecedented levels of stress. Today Kingsley worked with a group of leaders to better understand their responses to stress and learn practical coping techniques. The amount of pressure and stress each of us can individually handle is completely unique. However, there are tried and tested methods we can all use and the opportunity to share insights with others, can help us all develop better strategies in ourselves and the teams we lead.

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Reframing your relationship with goals
27 July 2023

In elite sport having goals and targets are a given. If I want to get better, I decide on what I need to improve, I outline a plan and I tick my progress as I go. In the workplace, is it as easy to do this? At Kinetic, we think, yes, it is. We may not have the data and analytics from elite sport; however, we can still use lessons from elite performers to help us identify, plan and achieve our goals.


In this facilitated session we worked with a junior group of professionals to help them reframe their perspectives on goal attainment. Often junior employees’ personal skills and mindset skills take a back seat to their technical skill development. If I do this specific thing well, I’ll be better at this aspect of my job. However, if I work on my mindset, my listening skills, my strategic thinking, I will make better decisions which will have a direct impact on my performance, how the team perceives me, and the opportunities given to me by my boss.


Being assertive at work
6 July 2023

Annie Vernon and Kingsley delivered an ‘Assertiveness in action’ virtual workshop for a group of professionals. One of our exercises involved reflecting on common phrases we all use in the workplace. With a mix of seemingly innocent and manipulative-aggressive phrases, it was interesting to hear the delegates' different perspectives on acceptable use and effectiveness. Some great insights shared on assertive communications in challenging conversations.


Supporting a senior leadership team
29 June 2023

At Kinetic we get to work with some amazing people in a variety of wonderful locations. Today Kingsley supported a senior leadership team through the delivery of a high performing teams day. Arriving with props, reports and lessons organisations can learn from elite sports, the scene was set.


The team enjoyed a full day of reflection, discussions and activities to help everyone gain new perspectives on their strengths and how to work better together.  With insights shared and new appreciations of the styles of their colleagues, everyone valued the opportunity to discover more about themselves and each other.

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Managing change with a growth mindset
06 June 2023

The term a Growth Mindset is used in Sport and Education and more and more in business. The term is based on the work of Professor Carol Dweck and over 30 years of research. Her work boils down to the concept we all have the ability to tap into two different mindsets, growth and fixed. Can employees at work use this knowledge to improve their performance, to be better team members and positively manage change?

As part of Kinetic's learning curriculum support for organisations, Annie Vernon and Kingsley Johnson delivered a virtual workshop for a cohort of professionals. Introducing the mindset concepts, creating an environment safe for personal disclosure and facilitating activities to help each participant embed the learning. Spending time to consider how applying these mindset concepts on a regular basis at work can result in more positive reactions to change.

Growth Mindset 2.jpg

Supporting stress management at work
25 May 2023

Is it possible to remove a person's work-related pressure and stress in a 60-minute online workshop? Absolutely not, however, providing an environment for professionals to discuss their challenges and learn strategies can change perspectives. As a trainer you become attuned to how people show up. Most people are sceptical, often thinking "they are far too busy to be here". Others arrive with a playful curiosity and a willingness to engage.


In our recent, Managing stress and thriving under pressure facilitated workshop for a group of legal professionals, the change in energy and enthusiasm was tangible. 60-minutes of self-reflection, group activities and a little bravery resulted in the entire group leaving our session visibly energised.

Quote Managing Stress.png

A high performing team workshop
18 May 2023

Supporting a leadership team to better understand psychological safety and effective behaviours at work. Kingsley Johnson and Nicola Woolner designed and delivered a half day workshop for the leaders of the School of Larks. As a provider of aerial and circus skills for children and adults, the School of Larks has impacted the lives of countless children and adults. During our Kinetic session, we gave the leaders an opportunity to express psychological safety in real time. And with the use of behavioural assessments, helped to identify ways the team could communicate more effectively. Helping the team to better understand their individual and collective strengths to implement the schools future strategy.

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Building resilience in an international team
24 Apr 2023

Working with a team of International business development managers from all over the word, Kingsley Johnson and Claire Bennett were asked to design and deliver a half day workshop. Appreciating the variety of languages, cultures and differing levels of seniority, we designed a session that introduced the delegates to the concepts of resilience and fortitude. With the main brief being to enable the team to better now each other and have some fun too, we decided to utilise Claire's experience as a gold medal winning international fencer. Through a various activities and exercises culminating in the team learning how to fence. The feedback was extremely positive and we guaranteed it was a team building session they will never forget!


Discovery Insights Certified
24 March 2023

Based on the work of Carl Jung, the Discovery Insights assessments help raise self-awareness and develop a greater understanding of behaviours. Useful for indidviudals and teams, the basic premise our perceptions influence our behaviours, motivations and communication styles. And based on a 4 colour system to indicate the different colour energies we all have. Kingsley Johnson became certified on these tools to provide 1:1 and group feedback and workshops. Providing an additional dimension to the ability for leaders to help the people in their teams better understand their strengths and the strengths of others to improve interactions, relationships and workplace performance. 

Insight Bricks KPD.jpg

International Coaching Federation certification
28 Aug 2022

Under the tutelage of Leni Wildflower of Knowledge based coaching our founder Kingsley Johnson joined a cohort of international coaches to develop his skills as a coach and become an ICF certified coach. Blending workplace practical coaching skills with underlying thereoies and traditions drwan from psycholoy, self-help traditons, leadersihp and organisational effectiveness. Supporting indibiduals and teams to identify ways to change their lives and careers. 


Remote & Restore course for NHS Consultants
11 May 2023

Annie Vernon partnered with Endeavour Medical to deliver on their two-day ‘Remote + Restore’ course for NHS consultants, in Coverack, West Cornwall. Annie's session for 50 consultant doctors was both constructive, and refreshing. The course provided the participants with new skills but also took them out of their normal environment and allowed them to recharge.

Annie focussed on building relationships under pressure and used sport psychology and her experiences of two Olympic campaigns to challenge participants to consider their role within teams; whether they are natural introverts or extroverts; how we collaborate effectively and how we use competition to bring the best out of us. We also discussed how vital 'friction' is in building better teams.

Thanks Lucy Obolensky and all the team at Endeavour Medical – and thanks Coverack! You really are beautiful.


Embedding High Performing Mindsets
February 2023

A six-month sports-based leadership skills programme. Providing opportunities for the colleague to be together during the pandemic to focus on concepts they could use in their current roles and future careers.


Combining online group workshops, strengths and behaviours psychometric assessments and 1:1 coaching sessions, with insights from an elite athlete to build skills that can be used in their day to day roles and also their future careers. Resulting in improved self-awareness and more effective interactions between this group of high performing individuals from different parts of the world and living in different European countries.


Workload management skills team day
19 Jan 2023

Kingsley Johnson supported the wonderful Young Ealing Foundation's team away day to focus on managing workloads and thriving under pressure. In the heart of the city of London over looking the river Thames, the YEF team engaged in activities to better understand the strengths in the team. Including behavioural assessments from Thomas International and insightful activities designed by the Kinetic team, this fun and insightful half day session left everyone feeling energised and looking forward to the year ahead. And a special thank you to the John Lyon's charity for the use of their wonderful new office and meeting space. 


Goal setting
Dec 2022

Some simple tips from high achievers to help with goal setting and achievement for the year ahead!

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