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Having great people without supporting them to achieve more is likely to lead to them seeking new adventures elsewhere.

Our Want More 121 employee professional coaching is for those business owners and team leaders who want more from their people.

More importantly, it is for employees who also want more from themselves. Annual appraisals have their place, however, imagine if an elite athlete simply reflected on their performance once a year?

That's why our Want More™ service enables people within your organisation to take ownership of their career development and workplace performance. Receiving feedback and support from experienced performance coaches. 

Our Want More 121 sessions cover a variety of development areas including; high performing mindsets; self-awareness and personal impact, goal setting, stress management, time management, confidence, Emotional Intelligence and the management of direct reports.

Typical enquiries include:

  • How can I help my people improve their performance at work?

  • I am not able to spend as much development time with the people in my business, can you help?

  • How can I ensure the goals of our people are aligned to our business goals?

  • What can our business do to help our people achieve their career and personal goals?

I can’t stress how good the 121’s are for my professional & personal development. 

I feel I am at least 12-18 months ahead mindset and attitude wise than if I didn’t have them.


You can afford this and every business needs this.”


Marketing Manager

Are you ready to empower your people to achieve more?

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