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Kingsley Johnson is the beating heart of Kinetic People Development. As our Managing Director, ICF certified coach, business trainer and DISC expert, Kingsley brings a touch of humour to the world of coaching and leadership development without losing sight of the serious business at hand.

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My Story

In the vast sea of leadership challenges, Kingsley is the captain steering the ship at Kinetic People Development. With wisdom and a friendly demeanour, he ensures that our journey isn’t just successful but also enjoyable.


Yes, Kingsley is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach, and while that might sound serious, his coaching sessions are more like a long overdue catch up between old friends. It's not just about goals, challenging limiting beliefs and holding people to account; it's about creating an atmosphere where growth can happen naturally, with a smile. His versatility is a strength, creating an environment where leadership development feels approachable and, dare we say, a bit enjoyable.


In the world of business training, Kingsley has found the sweet spot between real-world strategies and a touch of humour. For over 20 years Kingsley has worked with executive level leaders and helped to embed high performing cultures within organisations. He has developed the ability to know exactly when to challenge, when to support and when to change the atmosphere in the room. This results in the creation of wonderful spaces where attendees are open to learning, sharing and having powerful conversations. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself chuckling while discussing even the toughest business challenges. Learning can be enjoyable, who knew?


With 10 years' experience of DISC assessments as a Thomas International Partner and Discovery Insights practitioner, Kingsley isn't about complex jargon; it's about raising self-awareness through an appreciation of personalities and strengths. Behavioural agility can be a super power when used with the right intentions, such as being a better leader and improving interactions within a team.


Picture a keynote speaker who doesn’t just share insights but also leaves you feeling like you've had a are ready to take on the world. That's Kingsley for you—dynamic, engaging, and a speaker who values a good connection with the audience over flashy presentations.


Favourite quote:

"Your health, happiness and success depends on the way you think." – Muhammad Ali

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