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At Kinetic we believe leaders of people are made through their natural talents, their life journeys and great training & coaching.

Future Leaders


Success in sport is as much about attitudes and behaviours as it is about talent. It is the same in business: in the current challenging, fast-paced and constantly evolving environment, the attitude and mindset that people bring to the workplace will be the game-changer.


Designed for rising stars and new managers who want to improve their leadership strengths and management skills.


This innovative 6-12 month modular programme is based on the academic research of what drives elite athlete success. Combining organisational psychology, lessons from elite sport and practical application for workers in the modern workplace.


Delivered by a unique combination of world-class athletes, business trainers and qualified coaches resulting in an inspiring and energising mix of concepts, self paced learning and practical application


Great programme. I really needed this at this point in my career where I am now adjusting to my new responsibilities. Amit, Team Leader

Typical enquiries include:

  • How can we keep our most talented people?

  • How can we support our managers and team leaders to be better?

  • How can we embed a high performing mindset in our people?

  • How can I develop myself and the people in my team?


  • Improved leadership strengths and management skills

  • Greater self-awareness

  • Better manage the switch from an individual contributor to a new manager

Are you ready to develop your managers and future leaders?

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