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About Us

Our Story

Founded by Kingsley, Kinetic People Development aims to revolutionise people development by making it engaging and inspirational. With 14 years of professional services experience, Kingsley observed both positive and negative aspects of workplace development, driving the mission for a better approach.


We believe that nurturing individuals within the workplace has the potential to be not only enriching but also invigorating, fostering a culture of engagement and inspiration. At Kinetic People Development, we recognise that technical prowess alone is not the pinnacle of success. By instilling high-performing behaviours and mindsets, we aspire to catalyse profound transformations in the careers, lives and overall success of individuals, ultimately propelling your organisation towards unprecedented heights.

At Kinetic, we bring a unique blend of Olympians and World Champions from various sports to deliver high-impact training solutions. Our approach involves a blended professional development strategy, combining in-person & virtual training, coaching & mentoring, and psychometrics, acting as trusted partners to seamlessly integrate with your HR, L&D and Operations teams.

"The key benefits of working with Kinetic include; improving our ability as directors to manage and get the best out of our people; and embedding a better mindset amongst our staff to help drive high performance."

Managing Director, London

Meet The Team

Working with Kinetic

Experience the Kinetic difference through our collaborative process, where we invest time in understanding your company's culture to design and deliver, far from off-the-shelf solutions. Prioritising interaction, participant insights and powerful conversations to embed high-performing mindsets & behaviours, reduce staff turnover and develop amazing people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets your executive training and coaching apart from others?

Our programs are designed by seasoned experts with a proven track record in executive development. We offer a tailored, results-driven approach that addresses your unique leadership challenges.

How do you customise your programs for individual clients?

We conduct a thorough assessment of your specific needs, goals and organisational context. Our programs are then customised to ensure relevance and effectiveness for each client.

Can Kinetic team building programs be customised to our needs?

Absolutely, your team building solutions will be customised based on your organisational goals and objectives. The agenda, focus areas and interactive activities are co-created to ensure a personalised, high-impact engagement that harnesses the expertise of elite performers to inspire teamwork and peak performance  at work.

What kind of results can I expect from your coaching and training programs?

Our clients typically experience enhanced leadership skills, improved decision-making, increased team performance and a positive impact on organisational culture. We provide measurable outcomes aligned with your objectives.

Is your coaching and training suitable for both new and experienced executives?

Yes, our programs cater to a diverse range of professionals, from emerging leaders to seasoned executives. We tailor our approach to meet the specific needs and developmental stages of each individual.

What is the time commitment required for your coaching programs?

The time commitment varies based on the specific program and individual needs. We work closely with clients to create a schedule that aligns with their professional responsibilities and personal preferences.

What ongoing support do you offer after the completion of a coaching or training program?

We offer post-program support to ensure the sustained success of our clients. This may include follow-up sessions, resources and access to exclusive events to facilitate ongoing learning and growth.

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