Using the psychology of elite sport to improve financial & team performance at work.


We help organisations embed the psychology of elite sport in their teams.


We’re about people development: supporting and motivating people so they can excel. We take lessons from sport and apply them to the workplace along with the latest psychology research.

The team at Kinetic PD includes Olympians and World Champions from across a variety of sports; we are proud that every member of the team has played sport to a high level.


We love applying lessons learnt through sport such as confidence, teamwork, resilience and high performing mindsets.


Helping people to develop the mindsets, processes and behaviours to excel underpins everything we do.


Our commitment is to support our clients by building long term relationships and being seen as trusted advisors who complement existing Human Resources and Learning and Development activities.

energising teams

Interactive sessions to help your people excel in times of uncertainty and change.  


We believe leaders are made through their natural talents, life journeys and great training & coaching.


Tools which complement your existing recruitment and L&D activities to help you select and keep great people.

Want MoreTM

Onsite professional employee coaching to help your people achieve more at work.


Valued Clients

Why the name?

Kinetic comes from the Greek word 'Kinesis' which means ‘movement’ or ‘to move forward’.


Kinetic energy is the energy an object possesses due to its motion.


Our aim as a business is to help people move forward in their personal development. 

Sport and academic research is central to our solutions, which are designed to inspire and embed the knowledge, skills and abilities to excel at work.

Our solutions are energetic and fun like us, hence the name Kinetic People Development  or Kinetic PD to our friends!


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