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Sports inspired training solutions to develop leaders, elevate teams and transform organisations

Your Global Partner in Executive Training, Coaching and Team Building for Modern Organisations

High-performance organisations acknowledge the vital role of effective training, coaching and team building in reshaping perspectives and enhancing skills.

As a business owner, people leader or HR professional, you grapple with refining soft skills, navigating organisational changes and fostering a culture of excellence. Balancing these demands on your time can result in people development being pushed down the priority list. As collaborative partners, we specialise in bespoke training solutions, transforming mindsets, empowering leaders and elevating professionals at every level.

Solutions For


We believe in cultivating leaders through a combination of their innate talents, life experiences and exceptional training and coaching. Our team of trainers and professionally certified coaches is dedicated to transforming the lives and careers of our clients.  


Bespoke management training, tailored to your organisation's culture. Blended learning programs are built on your organisation's needs to embed high-performance mindsets and behaviours in your managers and supervisors.


Company wide training programs delivered remotely and in-person to elevate soft skills and personal effectiveness. Embedding high performing cultures, after significant organisational change and growth, across your entire organisation. 

Clients & Partners

Below is a selection of wonderful clients and partners who have benefitted from our virtual and in-person

training, team events and coaching programmes.

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We work with organisations to embed the psychology of elite sport in their teams.


We’re about people development: supporting and motivating people so they can excel. We take lessons from sport and apply them to the workplace along with the latest psychology research.

The team at Kinetic PD includes Olympians and World Champions from across a variety of sports; we are proud that every member of the team has played sport to a high level.


We love applying lessons learnt through sport such as confidence, teamwork, resilience and high performing mindsets.

Empowering Growth

Our clients choose us because we:

  • Align training initiatives with the strategic goals and vision of organisational leaders.

  • Collaborate with HR and L&D professionals to tailor training programs to the specific needs of the organisation.

  • Demonstrate tangible returns on investment through improved performance and productivity.

  • Strengthen interpersonal and communication skills for effective team management.

  • Nurture the next generation of effective and visionary leaders.

  • Boost organisation and team cultures to embrace continuous learning and adaptability.

  • Empower mindsets of success.

Articles and additional free resources to inspire, motivate and engage the leaders and employees in your organisation.

"One of the best training courses I have been a part of."

Senior Manager, International Bank

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Kinetic People Development Limited

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