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Tips to help you achieve your personal and professional goals

Updated: Jan 3

My secret plan to rule the world blue notebook

When it comes to planning, what type of person are you? Have you already taken advantage of the sales to buy your festive decorations for 2024? Did you manage to find some time over the Christmas break to de-clutter and set your objectives for the year ahead?

When it comes to planning, goal setting, deciding on our intentions for the year there is no single way to approach this. We are all different and need different things. And below are 5 strategies that work for me and our clients.

1. Set time aside to enjoy the process.

By this I mean often goals and plans may come from a place of need and requirement. Rather than from a place of fun and inspiration. If your goals don't motivate you or even worse if they come from a place of shame, it's fair to say they won't be achieved.

2. Write them down and have them somewhere you’ll see them everyday.

One of our clients is exceptional at what she does, she's also a wife and mum of a youngster and simply finding the time to set her personal goals is a challenge. For her being able to set aside a few hours to create a vision board was something she used to do and is looking forward to doing this year.

3. Are your goals big enough?

Woman looking up at an indoor rock climbing wall

Again this is not intended to apply any pressure, however, often we play it safe with our goals. My advice would be to choose at least one big scary goal. Three fun and inspirational goals and at least one mastery goal (where you aim to become exceptional at something).

4. Planning is better than plans.

Now this is more about your focus on the process rather than just the outcome. Again, the decisions we are making today about the rest of the year are based on a finite amount of information. As we progress through the year and our abilities and experiences change, so should our plans and focus. Planning is dynamic and designed to be adapted based on the changing landscape. Plans it could be argued are fixed and could lead to feelings of demotivation if we do not achieve

the exact thing we state we will. This is not about accepting mediocrity or giving yourself an easy out. However, it's not about being unreasonable and building in contingencies for when your plans need to be amended and updated.

5. Get an accountability partner.

Who is the best person to hold you to account? Again this could be a loved one, a friend, a colleague at work, a coach or some other significant person in your life. The idea here is, who will you tell about your goals and plans? Who will check in with you to see how you are progressing? Who will you share the successes of your achievements with?

6. Bonus Tip: How will you monitor your progress?

An app, a simple list, a spreadsheet? what method best works for you to see how you are developing and working towards your personal and professional goals for 2024?

Best of luck with everything this year!


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