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Can you ONLY win or lose in a negotiation?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

At Kinetic PD we believe the answer to this is no. To us, all negotiations are conversations aimed at achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. However, when you combine traditional negotiations skills with video calling technologies, the rules of the game dramatically change.

In our opinion, there is a real opportunity to provide learning on this vital set of skills in a fun and engaging way. And, this week a great group of people from a variety of professions joined me for our final Negotiation PD taster session of the year.

To give you an idea, there was a healthy dose of scepticism and a few polite looks of uncertainty about what I had in store.

The aim was simple, to help a group of professionals enjoy learning about the personal skills of negotiation in 90 minutes over Zoom.

Clearly no pressure then!

Well, the reality is I kind of stacked the deck. The group I managed to assemble all bought something unique to our ‘proverbial’ party.

Steve’s natural collaborative style always kept his counter parties on side. Nicky’s ability to ensure she always got the best deals possible was a thing of beauty. Adam’s relaxed method of ensuring the importance of value was never missed. Sallie’s wonderful approach which brings people together and makes them just want to do more. Jules’ keen eye for the benefits in any deal and her ability to keep everything on track. John’s recognition that heart strings were being pulled and still ensuring mutually beneficial outcomes. Zeph’s lazer like clarity, attention to detail and sense of purpose. And Val’s insider knowledge on the true nature of something being genuinely good for you, all contributed to a memorable session.

Our Kinetic sessions and programmes are designed to energize, educate and empower and based on the feedback received so far, we didn’t do too bad.

*A massive shout out to Assistants vs Agents for their fantastic meme.


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