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Engage and Motivate Your Remote Teams

Finding ways to help employees become the best versions of themselves is a challenge for leaders and managers at the best of times.

In these exceptional times, the skills required to manage and support remote workers are evolving.

For some people working from home, ditching the commute and having more control over their daily work schedule will be liberating.

For others, the enforced lack of human contact, changes to their roles and the reliance on new technologies will be unsettling and possibly demotivating.

Forward thinking business leaders will be considering how best to support and prepare their people for the ‘new normal’ once things recover. Capitalising on the trending mindset many people have adopted to use this time to become mentally and physically stronger will pay dividends.

Our mission at Kinetic PD is to help organisations embed the psychology of elite sport in their teams.

We have redesigned our interactive instructor led Know Your Team workshop for delivery to remote teams. Combining lessons from elite sport and psychological research our fun and informative sessions provide workplace teams with valuable insights to drive high performance behaviours.

“All of the concepts covered in the workshop are required in our day-to-day work and applying these in the workplace will definitely help our team.” - Senior Manager at HSBC

Takeaways include actionable tools, techniques and life hacks to improve well-being, productivity and team cohesion.

To discuss how our sessions can help you engage, motivate and manage your remote teams connect with me on LinkedIn or email


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