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Kinetic Sessions - The Impact of FEAR in Challenging Times

Our response to fear can manifest in many ways. With rising levels of anxiety and stress as a result of the current situation, many of us may have experienced an increase in harmful behaviours. From comfort eating to drinking more alcohol, and the panic buying we saw in early March.

In our latest Kinetic Session, I am joined by Psychotherapists Katherine Gregg and Paul Moody to discuss ‘Fear and the impact it can have on us in challenging times’.

Katherine and Paul share their professional insight into many of the harmful behaviours caused by fear.

We also discuss the positive impact of inspirational acts of appreciation and kindness, such as the NHS & Essential Workers clap and volunteers helping to support the vulnerable.

With increased stories of lost loved ones and to help us all re-address the fear and cope with loss, Katherine and Paul share some simple Mindfulness strategies and information on available support.

We hope this Session provides a little inspiration for anyone who may be struggling at the moment.



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