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The Power of Laughter

In our first Kinetic Session of 2021 we are joined by the wonderful Maggie Thompson. As a former elite cyclist Maggie's insights on the mindset it takes to be a champion on the track. And, with stories from her new book, 'Memoir on Two Wheels', Maggie shares a number of inspirational lessons to help overcome some of the obstacles life puts in our way.

Now a Laughter Yoga instructor, Maggie supports corporate clients, wellbeing events & festivals, and community & voluntary organisations to share the benefits of regular laughter to uplift the mood, reduce stress and boost immune systems.

As a team building event, Maggie's sessions help participants connect with others and develop a healthy coping mechanism in times of adversity.

To connect with Maggie please visit her website, Facebook and Twitter channels.

And, "If it makes you smile, giggle or laugh ….. do it again".


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