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Senior managers does it feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Leading people is no easy burden

Setting the example, motivating others, managing up, down and sideways all take their toll. Not to mention the multitude of hats leaders of people are expected to wear, teacher, mentor, coach confidant, influencer and disciplinarian (when necessary).

All of these are extremely difficult skills to do well, let alone master!

And we haven’t even begun talking about the management of your career, personal self-development, aspirations and goals. As leaders of people these often fall to the back of the queue.


When you look in the mirror do you see an elite athlete?

In our opinion, many senior managers and leaders of people share similar traits to elite athletes. As with athletes, managers are often propelled into situations and opportunities based on their natural talent. Building on this over time through effort and hard work (usually involving late nights and early mornings) to become the best they can be.

Success at work often sees senior managers expected to consistently perform and improve year on year. Relying on natural talent, experience and determination will only get you so far. And, what about the impact on your teams and the people you lead? How much of your time and energy are you investing to embed high performance attitudes and behaviours in your teams?

At Kinetic PD we help people to achieve more than they thought possible and our ATLAS programme supports senior managers and leaders of people to increase their self-awareness and embed the mindsets to drive high performance within their organisations.


Driving performance at work through lessons from elite sport and psychological research

The ATLAS programme is built on research conducted by Professor David Lavelle at the University of Stirling and originally commissioned by the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust. The research analysed the attitudes and behaviours of elite athletes and distilled these downs into 5 areas: Confidence, Focus, Resilience, Motivation, and Determination.

Our team of world-class athletes and business coaches work with senior managers to explore all of these areas. Using systems and processes from elite sport to help delegates drive self-awareness and behaviour change in their organisations.

Programme delegates gain ongoing support through exclusive online content and 121 workplace coaching to further develop and embed the learnings throughout their teams and organisations. Resulting in significant improvements in performance for the delegates and the teams they lead.

We are happy to talk through your ideas and share our experiences of supporting senior managers and leaders of people.

Feel free to call us on 01527 575 522 or email to arrange a call back.


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