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Everyone is different!

Ever wondered why a co-worker is obsessed with creating Excel spreadsheets and plans, when you’re happy to chat through the big picture items? Or does your spouse drive you mad because s/he expects you to praise them after every bit of parenting or housework? Are you simply not motivated by promotion to a point where you have to manage other people, and are instead very happy just producing quality work?

Want to know the answer? …. It’s because we’re all different!


Here at Kinetic PD we are Thomas International partners and use the DISC Personal Profile

Analysis (PPA). It can be used to predict communication and behavioural preferences and rests on the theory that each of us has a self-concept based on the intersection of four factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance (hence, DISC). Which is a lengthy way of saying: we’re all different. Which you might already know, but the handy thing about the PPA is that it is pretty darn accurate and gives us reliable information to understand why your husband or wife, manager or colleague, client or interviewer will behave differently to you.


Think about emails. Some people are cautious and thorough, covering all their bases, making their list and checking it twice. Others like to accomplish as many things as possible and do so at record speed because time = money. Identifying this speed component is something to look for in an email. Does it appear rushed, incomplete or are there errors?

Regarding people/tasks, does it feel like the email is impersonal and only about the facts? Or is it lengthy and conversational? Does the email contain a lot of figures and supporting information? Another thing to consider is, does the email make you feel like you are in a conversation or being given a work directive?

Understanding that we are all looking at a problem from a slightly different perspective can help us to blend all those different perspectives. Getting frustrated at Dave who always bangs on about staying ahead of deadlines, as opposed to Gillian who’s happy to pull an all-nighter the day before the completion date, isn’t how we blend all those different perspectives.


Colleagues with a high Dominance in the workplace are outcome-focussed. They are likely to be driving, competitive, and forceful. High Influencers are focussed on people and building relationships, and will be friendly and verbal. Colleagues with Steadiness will be deliberate, amiable and persistent; and finally Compliance people will be focussed on quality of service and technical detail.

Understanding how all the different approaches work can inform your meetings with clients and colleagues, to make those interactions more fruitful and positive. All after a 10-minute assessment with us.


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