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The ‘Work-Life’ Balance is dead! Long live the ‘Life-Life’ balance!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Last week I attended an event that shocked me.

Out of the topics covered by the amazing speakers such as…

The concept of a ‘work-life’ balance being a dead concept for Gen Zers and Gen Alphas because its more about a ‘Life Life’ balance really struck me.

When you think about it, why should any of us view work and life outside of work as opposing elements fighting for our time, attention and energy?

Work is such a major part of our lives and with conservative estimates suggesting we spend 90,000 hours of our lifetime at work, can we really compartmentalise the two?

With the entrepreneurial spirit and desire to learn and develop being such a massive part of so many people’s DNA, why would an organisation not embrace a high achievers side hustle?

Why wouldn’t more organisations prioritise passion projects and provide more opportunities for people to try new roles?

What about employment contracts and workplace policies, are they truly designed for valued members of the team or are they one size fits all and intended to keep people in line? How many organisations have a ‘See the World’ policy?

Organisations that authentically trust their people, treat them like individuals, and establish cultures that put people first will become the norm. Those that do not will be left behind.

At Kinetic we believe the workplace is made up of complex individuals and more organisations could benefit from waking up to the ‘life-life’ balance!

And finally, we think John Wooden’s take on an Abraham Lincoln's quote says it best…

“It is better to trust and be disappointed everyone once in a while, than it is to distrust and be miserable all the time.”

P.S. I can honestly say I was blown away by Thursday Brunch hosted by the amazing teams at re:find and Masgroves!


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